May 16: Take Ten

You can do so much in ten minutes’ time. Ten minutes once gone, are gone for good. Divide your life into ten-minute units and sacrifice as few of them as possible in meaningless activity.
— Ingvar Kampgrad , founder of Ikea

Maybe, like many of us, you have a ton on your plate right now. In addition to your DED goals there is alot of other things pulling your attention, and small things may be getting pushed onto tomorrow's to-do list, and piling up. Sometimes we look at our plans for the day or the week and wonder, "how the hell am I going to get this done?"

Enter Ingvar Kampgrad, someone who has shaped the way people live and use their homes worldwide since he founded Ikea in the 1943. Here, his words remind us of the potential that exists in only 10 minutes of our day.

So this morning, we have a small challenge for you.

Look at your plan for the morning, for the day and around your home -- what has been neglected for too long? Set your timer on your phone and see what you can smash in only 10 minutes.

10 minutes of focus can actually be incredibly powerful, and will start your day on a successful path right out of the gate. Whether it's tidying the kitchen, your desk, or taking a solid bite out of your email inbox and unread text messages, use 10 minutes to smash some of these things that aren't big tasks. These small things, when they build up, create alot of mental weight that slows us down. Build some momentum this morning, and see how it frees up space in your mind and your environment to then tackle the big things with more energy and focus. 

Here's a morning jam to keep you going while you get after it for 10...


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