May 14: Look Back to Look Ahead

I wake up each day with the firm conviction that I am nowhere near my full potential. ‘Greatness’ is a verb.
— Maurice Ashley

Let that idea sink in for a moment. This idea greatness, whatever that means to you, is something you do through action, rather than something you are.

Maurice Ashley is the 1st African American International Grandmaster in Chess. That means his greatness was due tothousands of games, of trials and errors, of lost matches and tiny wins, he built his ability through years of actions. He wasn't born 'great' at chess. 

Think about your goals, your Whys for being in DED this month. What are you working towards? How did you plan the small daily actions you are taking to move you towards what you want? What are your small acts of greatness?

Think of your bigger goals, and with those in mind, hit play on this short Ted Talks from Ashley. It's a solid reminder about why we need to work backwards in order to get where we want to go.  

Got it? Good. Think about your DED goals this moring, and the daily steps you planned. With Ashley's point in mind, do you want to change anything? We're almost at the halfway point of the month so now is a great time to checkin and adjust where you need to.

Then, hit play, get after your day, .