May 10: Hit Pause. Look Up.

This may be ridiculous, but I have this belief that as long as we peer at the night sky, feel small, see the universe and say, ‘Oh, wow, all that mystery,’ then we’ll drop some of our nearsighted hubris.
— Caroline Paul

In all of the planning, routines, goals, and reflections, its easy to lose site of the big picture--the REALLY big picture.  

This morning, while it's still dark, get outside for a few minutes and look up. Take your morning coffee with you, and catch a bit of that sky, maybe even the sunrise if you can.

If for whatever reason you can't--maybe it's not safe, or it's raining something fierce out there-- open the blinds, open the window, and let the end of the night and the slow glow of morning in anyway you can.

Spending some time looking up there now and then can sometimes give us some much needed perspective. So let it in, soak it in, and see where your thoughts take you.

We have a mellow morning jam for ya, so hit play when you want it.