May 1: Welcome Back.

Keeping It Simple

Let's keep it simple. Get-up and check-in (check.), get after your goal and get to bed early. There's nothing fancy about it, but the small wins feel so good, and add-up quickly.  

After a month (or a couple) of this with us, and maybe even trying to do it solo, there's a couple things that likely ring true.

It's powerful when we do it, It can be hard to do (especially solo) and the reason why we are all here in the first place, is also really simple:

You know what you want in life or you know you need to find that, and you are set on chasing after that person you know you can become.

Ideally, we could just do it alone (and sometimes we can). The hard part, that becomes extremely hard sometimes, is that it takes a consistent combination of effort, attention, and willpower.  

The effort is likely no problem for you. You wouldn't be here otherwise.
And honestly, we would bet that willpower isn't actually a problem for you either.

The problem is, one of the big problems, so much willpower is used up to manage yourself in a world pulling you in a million directions. The entire world is literally fighting for your attention.

That means your willpower is constantly being tested, and it will also deplete minute by minute when you are doing something you know isn't actually in your best interest. No wonder we get exhausted trying to stay on track.

We're fighting to help you take not only your attention and your life back, but your potential as well: who knows who you could become when you are actually supported along the way.  

We're going to do our best to wrap you in a positive, protective community, to use technology only towards your best interests, and remind you daily of how rad you are, and how simple what you want really is. While also keeping the expectations and accountability up.

All you have to do is decide where you want to go, wake up, #MakeItCount and help others along the way. 

Let's take this month down together.

Much Love Always, 
Gordon, Julian, and the DED team

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