Apr 16: Think Differently

Who are you taking steps to become?

Who is the You a year from now? 5 years?

You are shaping that person today. You, along with so many others, signed up to keep moving forward with these early mornings for a reason. To work on goals. Maybe to make time for yourself. Whatever your reasons, together they will create your life and the person you grow to be.

How we think today can have a major impact on the person we grow into. How are your thoughts shaping you?

In this short video, Jim Cathcart, American entrepreneur, best-selling author, and speaker digs into this idea a little more. So hit play, and let these questions motivate your Monday morning.

Ask yourself -- how would the person you intend to be think? When you have an answer, make the choice to start to think that way, today. Explore and nurture your nature. Stay curious to keep learning about who you are and how you operate in the world. Then, get up. And spend some time this morning taking another intentional step towards the You you want to be.