Mar 30: First Rate You

This morning we're dropping a simple reminder that no matter how closely you follow someone you highly respect, you’ll never be able to become them.

Even if you spend hours and hours every day practicing the skill they’ve perfected, you’re still under someone’s shadow.

Why? Because they are not you and you are not them. They have different strengths, different ideas, and different ways of looking at the world – and so do you.

If you build your life by only following others, no matter how great, there is nothing new that you will be sharing with the world. All you really are is a shadow version of the person you're trying to emulate.

Instead, if you want people to recognize you, whether you're an artist, a business owner, a lawyer, a teacher, or a scientist, you’ll need to pinpoint what your strengths are (as opposed to just the strengths others hold), how you look at the world and learn to play to them.

By all means, you can learn from and take things that others do well, but at the end of the day, it's only when you own who you are that you can truly become the best version of you.

Though this month of DED is winding down, we know journey of building our best lives this isn't over. If, like us, you know you have more in you to explore and bring out, this doesn't have to stop unless you want it to. You may be wondering and yes, DED is coming back for another round starting next week, April 4th-30th. This next round is just for members like you who have done it before and are back for more.

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Julian DeSchutter