Mar 16: Driven By Our Feels

Ok, here we are, end of Week 2. How ya doing? 

Still feeling energized, in a flow with your mornings? Or is your summit fading, and you aren't gaining the momentum you want?

No matter where you are on that spectrum, it's time to checkin with where you are at.

When you started out this month, scheming about what you wanted to get out of this round of DED, what questions did you ask yourself? Maybe they were external questions--what do I want to do, achieve, and have done by the end of the month? Often this is how we create goals--around external motivations, actions and milestones. While this can be a useful approach, it's not the only way.

What if we turned things around and made goals from how we want to feel, instead?

In Danielle LaPorte's powerful book The Desire Map, she talks about the Strategy of Desire, and suggests that asking ourselves how we want to feel, then planning steps to get there, can help us achieve a life we want in a deeper way. There is no guarantee you will feel the way you want every day, but it gives you a solid chance at feeling the way you want more often.

So try these on:  

How do you want to feel by the end of March?

Get clear on that right now. Make a list.


I'll wait.


Got a few ideas?

Now check this against your summit and actions for this month--do they align?

If not, change your summit. 

What else can you do to feel the way you want? 

Design a few goals that align with how you want to feel. 

Extend this line of thinking into other areas of life. How do you want to feel when you come home at the end of the day? When you spend time with friends? How do you want to feel at work? As you think about this, are there things that need to shift in other areas of life to help you feel the way you want to? Don't worry, you have time to change the things you want to change. We can't do it all in one day. But it starts somewhere. It can start today. 

It's a subtle shift, focusing on our feels, but it can lead to deeper and more motivating goals setting and scheming. The thing is, the desire to feel was there all along, but we focus so often on external things instead of realizing what was driving our plans to begin with. 

Take a photo of that list of feelings and put it as wallpaper on your phone, or post it on your fridge so you see it every morning. Keep these feelings top of mind, and see how they may guide your goals and ultimately your daily choices. Let's see how the rest of March feels when you allow these feelings to shape the steps that will take you where you want to go. 

Now hit play, and set the tone for you Friday....