Mar 12: Creating, Growth, and the Struggle

One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.
— Abraham Maslow

Monday, start of Week 2, and for many of us, we may still be adjusting to Daylight Saving Time.

How ya feeling?

A) Jumping out of bed, stoked on life

B) Uh, a little slower this morning


If option B, read on.

(If option A, also read on. You may need this sooner rather than later)


To change, to grow, is an act of creating every day. And, as any artist will tell you, creating is hard work.

We have been taught to be consumers most of our lives, to watch, take in and passively absorb the world around us as the principle way to experience life. But in DED we are intentionally pushing beyond that, to create the lives we want. The thing is, few of us, unless we work in a highly creative field already, have been taught how to navigate the process, especially the lows, of being a creator.

When we create some days we feel inspired, motivated, in the flow, energized. Maybe you felt that last week, and maybe you still feel that buzz today. Hold on to that and ride it as long as you can.

But the magic and sparkle ultimately fades. Things go slower than expected, we don’t always feel we are making much progress, or we have a hard time taking pride in our small wins because we know there is so much more we want to do and we made barely any progress today. Creating is hard, at times exhausting, and to get what we are after we still have to keep chipping away even during the lows that can feel like a real struggle.

If you feel doubt, you are doing it right. Every one of us, while creating, feels doubt, uncertainty, and often questions whether what we are doing matters or if it's working at all. But creating is a long game, it’s a process. Stay with this and make room for the low feelings, they can coexist with the higher feelings. Just reflect on why you are here this month, and do a little bit of your morning goals. Whether or not it ‘feels’ like progress, it is.

What is your overall mindset this month?

Are you focused on a growth mindset?

This is simply a perspective that doesn’t see ourselves as fixed or limited in our intelligence or abilities, but that we have the lifelong potential to grow and cultivate what and who we want to be with the choices and efforts we make.

When we approach harder days in DED with a growth mindset, we see challenges and setbacks as normal, as part of the learning and creating process. When we stumble, remember we can choose how we respond. Instead of letting self-defeating thoughts derail us, we can look at the challenge or slip and think ‘hmm, that’s interesting, what am I learning about myself here?’

When you think about it this way, there are not fails, only moments where we are learning, examining, and stepping forward with valuable insight we wouldn’t have gained any other way.

When you have hard mornings, slow days, remind yourself these are the days every creator experiences. Struggles and challenges are where we learn the most. When we no longer see failure or obstacles as a bad thing, we redefine what success looks like. When we see creating as a long game, and obstacles as helping us rather than defeating us, that’s a powerful shift that can take you far not just in DED, but in all areas of life.

So sit up, press play on this morning jam we got for ya, and embrace however this creative morning is feeling for you. Let’s see if you can go 5 for 5 this week, and accept the easy mornings along with the hard ones.

They are all taking you where you want to go.