Mar 8: What Rules Do You Live By

As we move forward with Damn Early Days, we're going to be diving deeper into the pieces that make us who we are this month, and beyond .

For little stretches of time, we'll be focused on different topics and areas that contribute to living a life you are aligned with. Sometimes it will be light, sometimes it will be deep, but just know that we'll do our best to keep it "fluff-free" and actionable. No BS here.

Also know that that this isn't about being a passive reader, taking in some content from the Daily Dose, but going on in life just the same. You came back for another round of DED for a reason, so let's make the most of this. Let's stretch further than you have in past rounds. Demand more of yourself. And let's put action into some of these ideas. This is about you wanting to do the work that will build your world, give you a stronger foundation for who you are, and help you create the life you want.

Some topics will be contemplative, some will push your boundaries, some will help you get to know yourself better, and some will be about experimenting. Sometimes we will even ask you to share your ideas with the rest of the DED community.

Which is exactly what's happening today.

Now let's go.


If you were with us in the February Grad program we touched on this idea of Rules You Live By. We want to go deeper with it, this time with the entire March cohort. This question of internal rules is one most people never think of, and so our rules (or lack thereof) subconsciously run our lives.

Today, we want to make you aware of yours because used properly, they can help us build a powerful framework for the life WE want to live.

The question you'll be asking yourself is simple:

“Which rules, if I lived by them for the rest of my life, would make me as fulfilled as I can be?”

We aren't talking about clichés like 'be kind to others' or 'always try my best'. While those are positive guiding rules most of us strive for, for today, let's dig a bit deeper. 

Stop reading for a minute and think about this. 




Got some ideas started? Now let's do three things:

  1. Take some time to write them down on paper. You can write as many as you think you live by (or want to live by). Keep these somewhere you won't lose them, or make them a background on your phone.
  2. Write down your top three in the form below. You can do this with your name attached or anonymous. We're going to be compiling a list of all of these and sharing them throughout the community down the road, so we can all see what rules other people use to govern their life, what matters, and where people draw the line in the sand.

So let's hear it...

What Rules Do You Live By?

If you'd rather leave these anonymous, just leave this blank.
Can we share these publicly? *

3. Thought we forgot number 3? But we didn't. One last challenge: choose one rule and share it with the wider March DED community in the FB group. Yes, put it out there. Today.

It's been super cool to see how the group has become a vibrant hub for the whole community to connect, share insights, post links, and learn from each other all over the world on this journey together. We know from our own DED experiences what a critical impact community has on these early mornings, and we are consistently energized and inspired by what we read from you in the group. So click and share your rule, we'll be looking for yours. No joke.

Now, finally, some rad tunes to stoke the fire...

Julian DeSchutter