Mar 7: Welcome Back to Day 1

Day 1. Here we go.  

Stoked to be going through the fire with ya for another round. 

But then, you're no stranger to Day 1s by now. 

Maybe it's feeling fresh because you are coming back after a break, maybe it's feeling routine if you are coming straight out of the February DED round. 

Either way, I want to pause before we get going with the month and ask you a couple things---

why are you really here?

Be brutally honest with yourself. 

What is it that brought you back for another month--what do you actually want more of in your life?

Name it. Write it down, say it in your mind, out loud, we don't care. Just give it words, make that intention real. What do you actually want to feel, experience and look back on by the end of March? 

Now take another look at the summit/goals you wrote out when you activated your March DED account. Is your summit truly going to bring you closer to what matters to you? What actually matters to you right now in your life?

Look up from your screen and think about that. 


I'll wait. 


With your reply ask yourself is this the right summit, and is it specific enough? Too vague? Is it taking you towards something you WANT or something you think would be good or should matter to you? Is this a summit that you deeply want, will it pull you out of bed every morning?

As we move forward in DED, as in life, it's absolutely ok to edit, change, revise. So change this summit when you need to. If you realize partway through March that this summit doesn't actually matter to you, awesome. Change gears. Just keep being honest with yourself so you are always working towards what really matters to you. 

What went well for you in your past experience with DED? Where did you really hit a wall or struggle?

After doing this for many rounds we know firsthand that DED months can feel so different one month to the next. The key is to peel back your own layers and ask yourself why? When you have that answer, ask why again. And again. 

How can you intentionally tweak things this month to prepare for those walls and build on those past wins? Going into this with a plan based on careful and honest reflection about your past wins and struggles will make all the difference. This March has the potential to be your most rewarding DED round yet. You down to give it your best shot with us?

If yes, hit pause and do the following:

1. Revisit your summit, tweak it, make sure its right. Make sure you mean it, and that it hits home. 

2. Plan for the hard mornings and easy mornings based on your past experience. You've done this before, you know what worked and didn't. This month, actively use this insight to have the March you want. Don't just 'know it', act on your insights.

3. A challenge for you tonight---plan for an early bedtime you sincerely look forward to. Chill playlists, candles, low lighting, reading, whatever feels good and makes you look forward to winding down. Plan your best bedtime experience right now and set an alarm on your phone to do it on time. With this fresh slate ahead for March, what if you made your bedtimes as high a priority as your mornings?

Try these 3 steps and see how tomorrow AM feels

And as usual, we got your morning jam.