Mar 2: Your Last 3 Months

In the last 3 months, what are you most proud of?

It’s a great question, yet on that most of us never think about.

Of all the things you have done, of all the things you have learned, of all the things you have accomplished, what in the last three months are most proud of.

It can be hard to pick one but stick with it. Sometimes in life we’re lost and think we’re not good at anything, but this question helps break through that.

It re-enforces that there are accomplishments in our immediate past that are worth holding on you and building upon.

Three months is a long enough period that it’s likely you did something you’re proud of, so recognize it. Hang on to it.

Doing so will create pride – and pride is a hell of a strong motivator.

Pride brings happiness. Pride builds confidence. It can lift you up. In day-to-day life, we don’t spend enough time recognizing the things we’re proud of.

Good habits are a good start. Stopping a bad habit is also a good starting point. Earning praise for something you did, finishing something you started, acting on something you didn’t think you could, etc.

These are all good.

Think about them. Write them down. Sit in them for a moment.

To Do

Review your last 3 months. Think about the thing you’re most proud of. Why are you proud of it? How did you get to it?

Pride is a strong feeling all of us should have.

Feel free to share yours below.