Mar 1: Just Know This...

Simply put, the majority of people don't value learning and because of that, stay stuck where they are at, running on the treadmill of life, year after year.

Most would rather choose entertainment and distraction over of learning and growth.

That shouldn't surprise us – learning is hard. It's work.

Cutting out the distractions, finding mirrors, become a student of your craft, and constantly failing are never fun.

Repetition can be boring or tedious, which is why so few people ever master anything.

This, of course, is pretty good news for those of us willing to engage, because when something is difficult it means most people won’t ever do it.

The competition for the difficult things will always be low.

Ironically, the fiercest competition is for the second-class prizes.

Prioritizing learning and self-education may be new for you, but know this:

  • For every day you read a book, millions of others didn’t.
  • For every morning you woke up early to create and produce, millions of others slept in.
  • For every day you kept going, millions of others quit.

Once you prioritize learning, you become aware of the 1% of opportunities that are truly life-changing. More importantly — these opportunities have incredibly less competition!

Most people will continue fighting for scraps with the “mediocre majority.”

That’s a game you don’t want to win.

Instead, quit the game entirely. Leave the crowd. Choose learning and self-education instead of entertainment and distraction.

It's that simple.

Julian DeSchutterComment