Feb 23: Remembering Your Priorities

It's been seven days since we brought up the topic of priorities and I want to ask you a very honest question – have you put any of it into practice?

Honestly – ask yourself that.

No shame or guilt if you haven't, just a no-BS nudge to create space to focus on that.

Ask yourself: have I done justice this week to the things that I say (and yes, it is only your call) matter most to me?

If you have, soak that in for a bit. A life spent stringing weeks like that together is a powerful recipe for a good life.

If you haven't, I want you to take some time when you're done reading this to reflect on why not. As we said above, no shame or guilt, just an honest push nudge towards creating space for what you say matters to you.

- J

Julian DeSchutterComment