Feb 16: What Are Your Priorities?

Do first things first, and second things not at all.
— Peter Drucker

Our ability to set our priorities, focus on them, and not deviate may be the single most important skill we will ever develop in our lives.

In a world that endlessly wants to convince you to do whatever it wants to convince you to do, your ability to define your path, stick to it, cut out the noise, and keep taking action towards what matters to you will ultimately define where you end up and how fulfilling your life is.

It's crazy to think then, how little time we spend actually focusing on defining, understanding, and mapping our priorities – and creating a no-BS plan on how to get there.

I can almost guarantee that 99% of people spent more time on social media today, than they did investing in understanding who they are and where they want to go.

But don't worry, I get it. It's scary stuff.

Confronting Ourselves

See, once we lay out what we actually want in life then we have to confront whether or not we're going to seriously chase it. And I mean like really seriously chase it.

We have to look in the mirror, confront our own BS, and ask ourselves if we really want it – and if we're willing to put in the work to get it (and yes, there's always work).

And even then, if we do decide to step out, we leave ourselves exposed. After all, we are putting our deepest desires out there. We're putting who we actually are out o the world. We risk failure, humiliation, haters, struggle, and the fact that we might not "add up to enough" or never get there.

For most of us, those subconscious fears are enough to keep us just far enough away that we don't feel like we are giving up on our dreams, but not close enough to actually have a shot. We play with the ideas of chasing our goals, going in fits and spurts, but never actually have a serious plan to get there.

From the outside, this is easy to see. How many friends do you know that want to get fit, but when you look at the way they live, you know there's no chance they'll get there if they don't change?

In ourselves, it's not so easy to see.

We sign-up for a diet, but never actually put together a plan on what to do when the cookies come.

We start a new gym membership, but put nothing in place to hold us accountable when we don't want to go.

We write out ideas for our side hustle, but never actually do the dirty work to test it out.

Sound familiar?

The Other Side

Let's look at the other side of the coin for a second. Let's ask ourselves "what are we giving up if we aren't all in on ourselves?"

The answer is a pretty blunt "everything".

By not chasing your priorities, you're giving up on everything you care about, everything that makes you, you.

You're giving up your one shot at the life you want to live.

You're giving up on all those dreams, desires, and goals buried deep inside you.

You're giving up on your chance to have control of the life you want.

And you're giving up on letting the world see who you actually are.

Let that sink in for a second, because when you truly face it, it's a powerful statement.

None of us want that.

Defining Your Priorities

With such a limited amount of time and energy (see Your Life In Perspective) that are available there are only so many things that can be done – no matter how many time management skills you learn or many days you wake up damn early.

And because not all things get you the same return on investment (whether that be time, money, or energy), it is pretty damn important that you only do those things that are the best investment of your time, energy and money.

It is (super) important that you know what your real goals/priorities are, so that you can stop doing things that either aren't aligned or take away from them.

Next week, we'll be diving deeper into creating space for these priorities (and yes, you will be required to put in some work), so to get you prepped, take some time this weekend to really start to get clear on your priorities.

Block out 30 minutes this weekend and write down a list of all the things you think are a priority in your life.

Start wide, don't judge, and get them all out.

Then rank your top 10.

You'll need them for next week, so take this seriously.

I got some jams to get you started.

Julian DeSchutter2 Comments