What Makes A Good Life?

There are some things in life we have to figure out for ourselves: 

What are our talents and gifts? What's our purpose in life? How do we want to go about chasing those things? 

With all of the hype around success and achievement in modern society, this question, "What makes a good life?" was one of them... Until a 75-year study of almost 1,000 unique humans revealed something unexpected.

What keeps us happy and healthy as we go through life? That's a question we all should be thinking about. It's the basis of the lives we are living, building, and will live in the future.But as you go to invest in your future best self, where should you put your time and energy to become the most healthy and happy?

Should you invest in becoming wealthy? Famous? Having a good career? Family?

Well, after studying 724 people for 75-years (yep, studying 724 complete human lives) asking about their work, their home lives, their happiness, and their health, Robert Walding and his team of researchers have an answer.

And it's worth understanding. Your future self will thank you for it.

Press play and let it hit home. This is 12 minutes well-spent.

Spolier: Some of us who've been fortunate enough to have events in our city for this round of DED know - the raw connection and shared experiences with other humans going through the fire with us, the shared purpose, shared struggle, shared adventures, shared laughs and even a quietly shared coffee... it's powerful. It's something that we deeply believe in, and have rooted into the vision for Chasing Sunrise and Damn Early Days.

Our simple request - let's grow this movement and tell us know how we can make it better for you. Our promise to you is that we'll give you everything we've got. 

Julian DeSchutter