We all have them.

And they run our lives.

Some are good.

Telling us we should go for it, we are loved, we have worth, and that we are capable.

And some are bad.

They tell us we aren't good enough, we are fat, we don't know what we're doing, we aren't going to get that job [before we've even applied], we shouldn't chase our dreams, they [fill in whatever story you got].

Today, we want you to start paying attention to those stories.

Start to understand what they are and how they are running your life. Figure out which are good, which are bad, which you want to keep, and which you want to dismantle.

And then, one by one, begin dismantling the ones you don't want.

Look at the feelings that are coming up, and go into them. Sit with them and see if you can tie them to a story. If you can do that, then its isolated and the cycle stops. Keep at it, and you get free.  

Your future life will thank you for it.