The Problem Is... You Think You Have Time.

Time has no conscience. Time is not your ally. If you put your trust in the illusion that it will always be there for you, you will one day have to go to war with reality in the future.
— Shado Evans

We live in a world that is ignorant to the realities of time.

In the constant belief that time is – and always will be – on our side.

That we will always have "tomorrow" to chase after the things that, deep inside of us, we know we need to chase after.

But the truth is, time doesn't care. It doesn't matter if you have dreams ahead of you. It is impartial to who you are and your existence.

And if you are ignorant of that, as most of us are, you will one day have to wake up and realize that every dream inside of you will die… inside of you.

So as you finish off Damn Early Days, we want you to go back to that thought

That while you do have time ahead of you, how much is always an uncertainty and that you should always make this moment, right here, right now, count.

PS. If you're reading this on Day 22, you're something else.

Oct2017, UnsubJulian DeSchutter