The 5 Second Rule

If you're like most of the world, you talk yourself out of your ideas before you've even given them a chance to breathe.

Caveat: If you've made it this far, stop and give yourself a round of applause because getting up damn early is no small feat and you clearly did not squash that idea.

But what if every time you wanted to say something outside of your comfort zone, try a new experience, talk to someone you find attractive, or make room for your dreams, and you just did it?

What if, again and again, you could take action – even in the face of uncertainty?

That's one thing most successful and fulfilled people have in common: a simple ability to override the self-deprecating, negative thought patterns hardwired into our heads and take action anyways.

As we face the continuous challenge of getting out of bed early, focusing on the stuff that matters, and pushing away the endless onslaught of distractions, learning how to do this now, can save us a whole bunch of headache down the road.

This morning, we're going to explore one of the simplest psychological hacks there is to help you do that.


The 5 Second Rule.

The 5 Second Rule is what psychologist call a starting ritual. It's a tool that you can use to interrupt the negative thought patterns that are encoded in your brain and create space for you to trigger new positive patterns.

It is stupidly simple, but works – and has a bunch of science backing it up.

What it will teach you is that you do, in fact, have control over what you think. You can either sit there and listen to the negative, protective side of your brain – letting it highjack you – or you can make a decision to assert control.

Self-doubt is a dream-killer – so let's learn how to conquer it.

Mel Robbins has all you need to know below.

PS. If you want to check out her whole book, you can find it here. It's a damn good read.

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