Peak States Don't Come to You

You've Got To Chase Them.

Take a look around

Your friendships, your relationships, your level of fitness, how much time you make for vacation, how much money you make, how stressed out you might be, how other people treat you, how much excitement or adventure you have in your life...

Are you riding at your peak?

Are you even somewhat happy with all of them? ...Some of them?

They come down to the standards you've set for yourself. Whether you've chosen consciously or unconsciously, you've still chosen, and are reaping the benefits (or lack of). Good thing is, you can always choose to raise your standards.

Own It, And Raise The Bar

It takes 3 things to be able to make and keep up a change.

The first one is easy to shy away from and avoid - because it requires us to admit that we are choosing or accepting something we don't actually want in life. Grab some courage and admit it. Own that you've chosen wherever you're at as a standard. Then decide to raise it: 

  1. The standards you've set for yourself: wherever you are, consciously or unconsciously, that is the standard you have set for yourself.

  2. The rituals and habits you've created: change starts with a choice, a new standard, and comes to life through committing to change day-in, day out.

  3. The why or your purpose: what compelling vision do you have for yourself that will keep you going through it all. What burns inside you and makes you feel alive? What is worth getting gritty for?

If we want to change the things outside and around us, it really is simple. Not easy, but simple. You have got to draw a clear line between what you will accept and what you won't.  

Decide who you want to be, set your standards, let go of the rest, and chase your damn potential.  

It's never too late. 

Gordon Swenson