Own It. Share it. Do it.

Good Morning!

Some people say that you shouldn't tell others your goals.

One reason, they say, is because it gives you just enough of a feeling of accomplishment in the act telling others, that it decreases your drive to keep going after it.

Another reason they give is that other people don't always want peolpe around them to succeed.

Well, neither of those don't apply here. Firstly because everyone here knows that saying what we're going to do is just the beginning. And making the most of each morning thereafter (especially the hard ones) is what gets us closer and closer to making it happen.

And we've also got a select group of people here that wants nothing more than for you to succeed.

Because we also want that same thing, because we want to know it's possible, because we genuinely give a sh*t, and because there is nothing greater than shared success. 

Can't wait to hear what you're chasing.
And if you can help someone else who is going somewhere you've been, do it.

Here's a cool track to wake up to in bed, with your coffee or to blast in the shower:

Gordon Swenson