Photo By: Wendy Shepherd
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When we're open, is when we're truly alive.

Adventure, by nature, is embracing the unknown. So let your walls down and explore the hell out of this life. 

Yesterday we chatted about three of the things that it takes to make solid changes for ourselves. (Intention or our why / taking action / and letting go)

And how almost counter-intuitively, one of the most important ones is dropping who we think we are and letting go: letting go of the blocks, emotions old mental patterns, even the identity. 

Part of the reason for that is because our brain and body, by and large, works in the past: even the "reality" that we think we are experiencing in our consciousness right now actually already happened about 80 milliseconds ago.

Point is that what we think reality is, is at best, a lagging interpretation. If we take our current state of feeling, thinking and being as the truth, without constantly opening ourselves up, we're destined to become stagnant.  

Whatever we are holding onto, is getting us further and further away from the life out there that could be.

So get as close to the source as you can. Make some space for new experiences to come in and rock your world. To shake you up. To flip new switches in your mind.

You can be alive and mainly recycling the past, or you can be open and truly live in this moment - it's a subtle shift, but one that's worth everything.