Master The Art of Negative Visualization

In [a premortem], we look to envision what could go wrong... before we start.

Far too many ambitious undertakings fail for preventable reasons.
— Ryan Holiday

Imagine this: you are 95 years old, right now, sitting quietly, alone, reflecting in a chair in your living room, and you suddenly realize that your life has been a spectacular failure. 

What went wrong?

Practice answering that question and you should come away with three things:


1 – A visceral and clear image of what you will want to have accomplished in your life by that point, and who you'll want to have become.

2 – A bunch of flashes of the obstacles that might derail you in your life if you let them, or aren't prepared for them.  

2.5 – A solid and growing list of "F*** Thats!" i.e. Get locked into a dysfunctional relationship? F*** That! Letting my fitness slide and being unable to travel later in life? F*** That!

3 – A mental framework on how you want to handle points 2 & 2.5 to ensure you pull off all of your to-do's in point 1.

Gordon Swenson