Making Your Life Easier With Triggers

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes

After reading through many of your personal commitments for Damn Early Days, we saw a common theme that many of your goals are ones that can be accomplished with some focused time each morning, dedicated to getting them done.

Because of that, this morning we wanted to introduce the concept of "triggers".

What's a trigger you ask?

A trigger is an event that automatically kicks off the urge to start the habit. It may be waking up in the morning, your first cup of coffee in the morning, or shutting your phone down before bed.

Used properly, triggers can be a powerful tool to keep you focused day-by-day and help you keep chipping away at your goals.

They are something that pushes us to have an automatic response that eventually leads us where we want to go.

To dive into them, we got a great (and short) read from one of the best habit builders we know: Zen Habits.

Take a read.

Nov2017Julian DeSchutter