Life In Perspective

If you're like most of us, people have been asking “why the hell would you want to wake up at 4:30AM?"

On the surface it seems like a valid question – we'll admit, 4:30AM does sound a little crazy.

And it can be hard to understand the value of a single single day, week, or even a month within the larger context of your life.

But thankfully, courtesy of our friend Tim Urban at Wait But Why, we got a little help.

Here is your entire life in months, assuming you live until 90.

Yep, that's all you get.

And considering for most of us at least 25% is already behind us, you can knock off the first 7 or 8 rows. The rest is what you have to spend as you please.

Looking at it that way, it's simple (and powerful) to understand why how you spend your time matters so much. It puts into perspective what is and isn't important.

Think about it:

  • If you drink a good cup of coffee each morning, that's just 20,000 "first cups" left. Enjoy.
  • If you get 4 good hugs a week, that's just 12,500 good hugs left in your life.
  • If you see your parents once every three months and they live for another 40 years, that’s just 120 more times you'll see them.
  • If you go on two good vacations each year, that means you have no more than 120 vacations left in your life.
  • If you see an old friend once a year, that's just ~60 more times you will see them in your life.
  • If you go on a rad road trip once every 3 years, that's just ~20 left in life. 

You get the point...

How you spend your time in the days and weeks matters, because they add up to months, months add up to years, and those years are all you get.

It's quick, it's simple, and it's one of the most important things you can understand.

This mornings post will help you do that. Take a dive in, it's one of the best we've ever read.

And because we missed a couple, we got some bonus below.

But first, WATCH this whole video. It's the raddest ever.

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