Let Your Dope Self Shine Through. (we want to see it)

Photo by: Montana Radok

There are, at the core, three things we have to do to continually chase our potential and unlock who we want to become:

  1. Align ourselves with a meaningful intention: our Why.
  2. Take action: start doing the things. Put in the effort.
  3. Let go: hold onto nothing and let the way be cleared.

Part of making change is connecting deeply to a vision and a purpose.
And then it's about creating. Working. Taking action. Doing. New Skills. Effort. Making sh*t happen.

Another necessary part, which doesn't get nearly enough air time, is letting go. 

It will not only get you closer to your why, and help you create space to make better decisions and take better actions - but it will create a space for that rad person inside of you to come out and play.
And we wanna see them. 

Meditate, or contemplate or forgive yourself and others, or take a compassionate look inside...

However you do it, keep doing it. Because when we can let go, and take a look at what's inside: not avoiding the bad, not latching onto the good, letting it all go.. the blocks start falling away and you start streaming. That's where the magic happens. It flows in like a lit candle rushing over a dark room.

You know that feeling. And you know that it is the best of you. You also know that you've built up some blocks to it. You thought they were helping, and maybe they were at the time. But you don't need them anymore. 

So let them go. Drop the barriers and blocks. Let go of the emotional juice, and let that flow back in. 

That's You.   

Gordon Swenson