Let's Talk Weekends

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Photo by Ivan Calderon

It's Friday, and we're so happy to chalk up another week of making life count with you. Week 1 is in the books! Congrats. The check-ins this round have been stellar. To keep it going next week, we've got some advice below on how to help your body stay on track while still staying flexible and enjoying the weekend. 

Press play on this jam, take a read through, get after your morning, and if you haven't already, grab some friends (or your mother) this weekend and plan something that would make your 80 year-old-selves proud.  

For those of us who've done this before, this might be a reminder, for everyone else - how you roll through the weekend will help set you up for success next week. 



Friday morning feels.

As we finish up week 1 of Damn Early Days, it's worth taking some time to start talking and thinking about the weekend. While we purposely don't include weekends in the official days, they will play a huge role in your success with this.

By now, you should be getting familiar with early mornings – what they are like, if they are easy or difficult for you, what you get out of them, what's working for you and what's not. You should a sense for how early mornings fit into your life and what you can do with them.

For most of us, the weekend brings a completely different schedule than the weekdays. We have a lot more freedom and flexibility, less schedule and routine, and there's a lot more going on – which usually means later nights and shinier objects.

But we have to understand one simple thing...


Unfortunately, our bodies don't know or care whether its a weekday or the weekend and drastic changes to your schedule can be hard for it to manage. If you’re waking up at 4:30AM throughout the week, then the weekend comes and you’re like, “FREEEEEEEDOM!!! To make up for how much pain I've gone through this week, I'm going to stay out late, take down a few bottles of wine, stay up past my bedtime, and wake up whenever I want on Saturday” you’re going to confuse the hell out of your body and the only one who is going to have to make up for your sins is you.

Let's just say Monday will be rough.

As you can see by the (beautiful) chart below, the bigger the disparity between the weekend and the weekdays, the rougher your Monday will be.



For the sake of consistency, at least throughout 21 Damn Early Days, experiment with life and switch up your weekends.

You don't have to go right to 4:30AM, but try 5:30 or 6:00 and see what happens.

You might have to say no to some social things, but you'll be getting a 3+ hour head start on the world and giving yourself a lot more time to focus on you – with the added benefit of not having to rush off to work.

Use the extra time to focus on something in your life that matters to you but isn't necessarily about "getting ahead". Go plan that trip you've always wanted to, get out and adventure, or climb a mountain and catch sunrise (true story – that is actually how Chasing Sunrise was started).

Play around, experiment, and see how it goes. It might just be exactly what you need.

And a quick note about all the shiny objects that will make Monday hell – just don't.


Before moving into your morning routine, take 10 minutes and map out how your weekend's going to go. Give yourself control to script what you want to happen, what time you want to wake up, and how you want to feel on Sunday night.

Fill in the blanks accordingly.

You got this and enjoy Friday friends!

PS. As always, let's start this weekend right.


Gordon Swenson