Let's Look At Failure

As we get into Damn Early Days, there will inevitably be moments where we trip up – failures as many would call it.

So, let's take a minute to talk about it.

Not what it is, but how backward we sometimes look at it.

The narrative we're told is that when we fail, it's because we don't "add up".

The truth is failure is what tests the genuineness and authenticity of our pursuits. It is what proves that our desire to get what we are chasing is real.

Failure is about learning and growth, not a lack of being.

It's our cultural obsession with winning that blinds us to all that we could be learning as we go through the struggle.

Failure is about perseverance.

So as you go through this and the struggles that are inevitable, know that those momentary blips are not failure, they are just a part of getting to where you want to go.

There's no such thing as an "overnight success".

Not even at 4:30AM.

Oct2017, Nov2017Julian DeSchutter