Get Back To Your "Why"

10 days ago we started this challenge because something inside of us told us we wanted more.

You might have had a clear idea of what this was or you might not have been totally sure – either way, something deep inside you told you that you wanted more out of yourself.

And you believed that waking up damn early was doing to help you get there.

For some this might have seemed just a little crazy and for others, seemingly impossible and insane.

Either way, we all had questions flying through our minds: Can I do this? How hard is this going to be? Am I going to enjoy this at all? Will I be able to rise to the challenge? What if I fail?

We all stared straight into these questions and were face to face with the fact that we are reorganizing our entire lives – prioritizing the things that matters.

Our social lives might get messed up.

Our sleep habits will have to change.

We'll have to give up a bunch of the distractions we come to rely on for comfort each day.

Hell, we might even become the grumpiest version of ourselves until we adjust... if we even can adjust.

And even at that time, face to face with all of these discomforts and challenges, we still decided to jump anyways...



Why did you commit to this?

Stay here for a second, because 10 days ago something inside of you felt a feeling strong enough to compel you to commit to this.

Through the doubts.

Through the questions.

Through the challenging reality you knew lay ahead.

Deep inside, you had your why. It was something burning deep inside that you believed in, and you wanted it more than you wanted to be comfortable.

And now here we are: Day 11.

Tired and uncomfortable with two weeks still ahead of us.

In this moment, we're experiencing all the uncomfortable things and feelings we knew we would experience as we pursued the people we wanted to become. The only difference now is that the feelings of discomfort are real, rather than just stories we made up in our head about the future, and we need a WHY big enough to pull us through. 


So here's your challenge...

This morning, reconnect with your why.

It doesn't matter how you do it – just make it happen.

Ask yourself: Why did you sign-up for this? Who do you want to become? What do you want to accomplish with your one short life? What thing do you not want to have to look back on and regret having not done?

Spend time getting back to the place that convinced you to dive into this in the first place.

Write it down.

Print it out.

Tape it to your bedroom door.

Put it on your bathroom mirror.

Create a cellphone background with it.

Then repeat it to yourself 100 times.

Most importantly, tap into it and remind yourself every single day. Your why is your fuel. Without it, you're just fumbling through the dark like the rest of us.

As we push through the last two weeks of 21 Damn Early Days, your why is what will take you straight through to the end. More than that, your why is what will help you continue to let that fire burn long after this is over.

Reconnect with it and the rest will fall into place.