Fuck Yes or No

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While this morning's article is technically filed as dating advice, the premise of it extends far beyond that.

In fact, in a world where we're exposed to more opportunity and choices than ever, it's one of the most relevant things I've come across.

If you're feeling over-committed or too scattered in life – it might just be the antidote you need.

To sum it up, basically, if you're not saying "Fuck Yes" about whatever it is you're doing, than simply say "no".

When deciding whether to do something, if you feel anything less than “all in” — then say “no”.

When you say no to most of the things in your life, you create room to throw yourself completely into the few things that get you stoked.

Every event you get invited to.

Every dinner party.

Every request to start a new project.

Every coffee you get asked to have...

If you’re not saying “fuck yes”, then it should be a "no".

We’re all busy, we’ve all taken on too much, and saying yes to less is the way out.


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