Don't Sell Yourself Short

It's Julian here, back from a whirlwind and eye-opening trip down to Bali, Indonesia.

Experiencing spaces like that place changes you. They open you up to a world you never knew existed and a side of humanity you had vaguely seen, but never truly understood.

Coming home and sliding back into regular life, I can’t help but feel the contrast between that world and my world pull on me.

It was eye-opening to realize how often we are told to become something – anything really, and how quick we decide who we want to become before we really know what life is about. How fast so many of us buy into the belief that the modern world is everything and there is nothing else out there.

To see where the world came from, to see the vast array of diversity out there, and to contrast that against all the things we idolize in the developed world...

As I begin to wrap my head around the trip, my advice to anyone is this: explore early and explore often. Spend time exploring long before you decide who you want to and need to be. Take as much of life in as you can and don’t rush becoming something just to be something – or you may end up as nothing you actually want to be. Build your identity around as much experience as you can and let as much of the world seep into who you want to become.

All else is selling yourself short of who you are and who you could be.

So many of us, myself included, fall prey to the pressure to become something before we really have any idea of who we are, what is out there, and what deeply matters to us.

If you're in a place where you don't know what you want to be, don't rush it.

If you think you know, ask yourself how you got there.

Oh, and if at any point your gut tells you that you’re not who you know you want to be, you have the complete liberty to change it.

It’s the system that tells you you can’t, but god damn, you can.

Julian DeSchutter