Day 13: The Power of Sharing

So often we believe we have to go through our journey alone.

We blindly push through like we are the only ones going through what we're going through – afraid to be vulnerable, afraid to open up, and afraid to share our journey with others.

Afraid to connect over the common struggle and unwilling to learn from others experiences, most of us end up feeling isolated.

But the truth is, there are literally 100s of others going through exactly what you are going through right now – right this minute.

Knowing that, we challenge you to take a few minutes this morning to pop into the community on Facebook and share your experience with others.

It may be a word, it may be a sentence, it may be a few paragraphs, but use it as an opportunity to share what you've gone through, struggled with, and learned with each other.

As you write yours, don't forget to read and share in other people's experiences It's a known fact you often learn more about your own journey through the mirror of others.

Looking forward to reading these.

And it's Friday so OF COURSE we got some jams for you.