Day 12: The Power of Vulnerability

Estimated Reading Time: 1 minute + 20 minute video

It's been a heavy week, material-wise, so today we're switching it up and got a rad video below.

Before we do, take a second to read why this topic is so damn important.


At its core, vulnerability is about risk, uncertainty, and emotional exposure. It’s about showing up and being seen – as you are.

For many of us, we're never taught how to deal with this uncertainty or how to manage the emotional risk that comes with it, so we spend our time trying to outrun and outsmart it. We do this by making things definite and certain – black and white, good and bad - and by shying away from the opportunity to explore the muddled (and uncomfortable) gray zone that exists in almost everything.

This inability to lean into the discomfort that vulnerability brings ultimately stops us from being able to fully feel all the things we set out to chase in the first place – joy, creativity, trust, love, fulfillment, and belonging.

It stops us from truly putting ourselves out there, being seen, and exploring what actually matters to us – and what doesn't.

So this morning, before we dive into life, we'll leave you with this – one of the most powerful talks on vulnerability out there.

If you haven't heard of Brené Brown, sit back and submerse yourself. There's a reason this is one of the most viewed TED Talks ever and it's worth every second.


And because it's almost Friday...

Photo Credit: Ally Pintucci

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