Let's Talk Routines

Getting into it, let's talk about the single most important thing you can focus on during these 21 days – routine.

It's a word that's become dreaded in our culture – something we related closer to a boring office job than we do with excitement and adventure.

For these 21 days, we want you to break that notion.

Done right, routine will provide you with a sense of structure and familiarity that builds momentum in your life. When directed towards things that matter, it will allow you to stay on track, get more done, and need less willpower to do so.

The structure of building routine will help you organize your life in a way that makes sense to you. It will give you a sense of ownership, order, and organization, and will help you make the right decisions again and again.

Routine is what will help you break your current habits and build new ones.

By definition, a routine is simply a sequence of actions you follow regularly and in this case, we'll be focusing on the actions you take each morning and night that allow you to focus on what matters.

We’ve put a seperate piece for each below. Take a read, do the work, and we promise it'll start you on the right foot.


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