We're not shy about IT.

It's our mission, and we're all-in to do it for the long-run.

We're unfolding a complex formula:
community x experiences x technology x content x programs x __________

To support a simple truth:
people are dying to live (and most of what they need is already inside)

You're damn good at what you do.

That's why a big part of our mission is helping you unlock your potential. 

By giving you a platform to touch people, and challenging you to do it in a ways that really hit home with the masses, not just people who are "ready" for it, everyone gets lifted, everyone wins. 

One of the most important elements we've found for unlocking a good life: it doesn't have to be all that serious.

Let's Play together, And keep it simple:

There are a few ways we can have a real impact together (details down below). 

If you like to write. We have a daily blog that gets sent to all Damn Early Days Participants.
PS that was a trick question almost everyone "...hates writing, but loves having written." - Frank Norris. So challenge yourself to do it.

If you want to lead an experience, we're running RealTalks events weekly. 

If you want to help people with an activity, product, service etc.) there's cool ways we can do that, too.

We're not trying to change anyone's life with this. We want to give them the space, the challenge, the support and the opportunity make the most of their own lives.


It's a platform that gives people space. it's what started CS in the first place.
And it's insanely simple.

Wake up early, and give yourself time to focus on what matters to you. Away from the noise. Supported by people who care about you. And challenged by us all to go for what you say you want.

We start by asking people why they signed up, what they care about, who they want to be, and then get them to articulate it into a real goal that we call a SUMMIT.  

Each morning our web app sends people sms notifications, they check-in, we track it, and send them over to the daily-dose each morning.

We support it all with offline experiences called Real Talks where we create safe space to cut through the fluff and be honest with ourselves and everyone else. It's powerful and catalytic.   



July is about self care. Not the fluffy escapism sold to us as an anti-dote to the busyness of daily life.

This is about real self care: the ability to listen to your damn self, focusing on health, setting boundaries, actually getting sleep, fitness and mindfulness, disconnecting from tech, and challenging our damn selves so that we can remember how capable we are of taking care of our selves when it counts. 


20170528 - SS - Mount Seymour - Wendy Shepherd (7).jpg


We're taking 8 guest posts this month on Radical Self Care. 

Every morning, when each participant checks-in we send them over to a blog post which we call
The Daily Dose. A challenge, a perspective, 

For You: 
Write something new (brief and real is better than polished), repurpose something you've already written, or record a vid, we will send it out to everyone in the program, and can also distribute it to the large lists if it hits home. 

the gathering.jpg

Real Talks

Co-lead  a morning RealTalks with us. We run them 1/week.

20-50 people, early morning or evening, coffee shop, beach or a space you love. 

Everyone is primed to drop their walls, connect and learn from each other. It's powerful.

For You:
We can just pick a topic together and wing it, or you can lead an exercise. If it's about being real, growing, being vulnerable, learning, understanding ourselves and others, then it's probably a fit.


Things to: do / learn / Use 

People are making life changes.

They're open to, need, and are searching for things that make life better.

Health and fitness classes, coaching, nutrition, products etc. We want to help them find things and places to make life better. 

For You: 
Help the people, and help us help you: offer events or experiences at your facility, give rewards or prizes, a solid discount for members, or we can team up on coaching within the program. 

Any questions just hit us up here