WE're Stoked you're here and down to contribute to this.

You're someone we admire & look up to. not only making the absolute most your own life, you also have the heart to help others unlock that in themselves.

At Chasing Sunrise we know we don't have the answers.
Because the real power is in you, and all of us, coming together around a single purpose:
To make the absolute most of the lives we've been given.

More than this month, we want Damn Early Days to become a space for you to have impact, 
and for the DED community (and us) to learn with and from you.

Content / Experiences / Coaching / Causes
Whatever your jam is.

Scan the details below and let us know what you're down for. If at any time you would prefer to just rap ideas - call or text me. Gordon: 1.778.772.5426




Because busy has become the new black. And self-care is seen as an escape. We're done with that cycle, and so many people we talk to are also done "pressing pause". The definition of self-care has got to shift.

Because if we can nail real self-care, then the busy-ness won't trap us.


The mainstream messages have us thinking that self care is about bubble baths, pampering, and hitting pause on real life. Seem about right? ☝️ Baths are rad and the truth is more people should sit in a tub and chill. But the idea these days that self-care is about comforts and indulgences just perpetuates the problem.

In reality, self-care is so much more

It's the bedrock of living a badass life. Done well, it can build our foundations and be an adaptable framework to roll with the uncertainties of life.  

Sometimes it's watching Netflix in a bath for 3 hours in the morning before work.
Sometimes it's taking risks so you can feel alive and confident.
Sometimes it's sleeping for 11 hours a day for 2 weeks guilt free.
Sometimes it involves digging into your values and setting healthy boundaries.

Usually it involves things like creating consistent space for yourself. Knowing your values. Setting boundaries. Learning and growing.

And having rad people around you who make it all better.


We want to know what it means to you. 
Do this first

1. Tell us quickly what means to you, in your words 👇

Keep it brief to fit on an IG story

2. Share a high-res photo of yourself here 👇 

For IG story: a natural portrait or you doing something you feel is self-care.



Blog/Email Content: 8-10 spots for guest posts - sent to everyone in the program, or to the whole DED community.
Co-Lead a 'RealTalks' event: 4 spots locally in Vancouver - RealTalks is our regular discussion series we lead with 2 co-hosts. Think 20 to 50 rad humans, walls down, minds open, a no BS chat about our shared challenges, struggles and perspectives on life.
An experience: Offer a single or recurring event to the community
Coaching (Beta): We'll be working with a select few people to do this in a new way.
Partner: If you have a product or service that make life better let's find a creative way to get it to the people.
Do the program with us! sign-up is here

If you're interested in: 

RealTalks, Experiences, Coaching, Partnering, or have an idea
hit me up and let's rap about it . Call/text me Gordon: 778.772.5426 or email me here

If you're down to Create/share content: 

Check the guidelines just below and fill out the form to get things rolling.

The Give From Us

Let us know what matters to you. We want to help any way we can.

We will link out to you, include your preferred social channels, and for the good content, we'd love to share it with our mailing lists or on social.

We will also share and tag you on social (i.e. IG stories) when it makes sense for an experience or some wisdom.
If there is anything that would make a difference for you, just say the word and let's chat.


Where we COULD use this:

The 'Daily Dose' blog – 8-10 spots this month  
This is where people get directed to every morning within Damn Early Days after they check-in.
Click here and scroll down to see some examples.

Email list / social channels
We have a weekly DED email starting next month, and can post with attribution on social.   

Content structure:

Written piece length: 150 - 500 words (go ham if you need to but short is awesome).

Ideas include:

A challenge: we can make an interactive form for them to fill out
Visuals help: high quality photos or diagrams i.e. check this post. Helps make it memorable, digestible, and help contextualize.  
Video: You could include a short video of yourself talking to them, a TED Talk, whatever.

Sample posts:


  1. You don't need to have an answer - that's not why you're here. You're awesome. Alive and making things work - what are those things?
  2. There is rarely (probably never) one best way - what makes life awesome? It's the question and answer everyone gets to play with every day for themselves, for the rest of their lives.
  3. Context is key - let people see the picture of what you're working with.  
  4. Be vulnerable. Drop some walls. Be Real - be a real human, how have you been challenged by or struggled with self-care? What are you unsure about for yourself? What do you know to be true for you? What's a perspective you think needs more attention? What gets you genuinely excited about life? 
  5. Challenge is cool - don't be afraid to offer challenge or give them something to do. People rise to the occasion.
  6. Brief is usually better - raw, authentic, funny, short, plain language, human and with actionable stuff works well.
  7. Selling is old-school - giving-first and removing barriers is new-school, and cool. If people love you, or believe in you, or get to experience what you offer no strings, overt promotion isn't necessary. 


Fill this out and drop it in when you're ready. 

Don't over-complicate it. And f*** perfection. 

Keep it plain language, be genuine, speak to the other humans who will be reading, get stoked on it yourself and the rest will follow.