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We're stoked you're getting after this with us! And thanks for the love and contribution to the program.

Our mission is to use this platform to give people their lives back and want to bring it to as many people as possible. It simply wouldn't be possible without your support.


To get started and get your check-ins work, head to the link below and create your Damn Early Days account using your Facebook or Google/Gmail log-in.

The first check-in will come in Monday, October 2nd at 4:30AM, but we will be in touch before that with some pre-course info and other good stuff.

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Step By Step Instructions

  1. Click the "Set Up Your Account" link above.
  2. Create your account by signing in with your Google/Gmail or Facebook account.
    If you don't have one of these accounts, please contact us here.
  3. Click the "Update Your Account" button.
  4. Fill out all the fields. We will use this information to keep you focused on why you're here throughout. All fields are mandatory, but if you don't have an answer at this point, just write "null" for now and fill it in later.
  5. Select the timezone you are in. You will receive your check-ins at 4:30AM (your time) and can change this throughout, if required. If you don't see your timezone, please contact us here.
  6. Input the phone number you want to receive check-in texts at. If you are international, please put the + in front of your phone number along with the country code.
  7. Click Save. If correct, you will get re-directed to the homepage.