Day 4: Come Alive

this morning, stop playing it safe and comfortable

Routines are vitally important for helping us to reach goals, grow, and make long-term shifts in our lives, but we also need to prioritize moments of growth outside the grind of the daily/weekly routines. Left unchecked we can become stagnant after not too long.


You signed up for this program because you wanted more of something.  What was it? How did you want to feel, grow, shake things up? How do you want to feel more alive in your life?


Today's Challenge: Stop playing small. Drop your BS. Get outside your comfort zone. Remember what makes you come alive

Part 1:

Think for a moment--what makes Me come alive?

Grab your notebook and let's take 5 to figure it out.



I'm serious. Go get some paper.



I'll wait.



Big or small, every day things and bigger memories in life, write them all down.

Whether it's a long list, or you need to think hard and finally find a few answers, that's ok.

Don't judge yourself, it's not a contest to see who has the longest or best list.

The world, and the people in your life, need more people who have found ways to balance their obligations with their passions, their 'have tos' with their 'deep down in my core, i want tos'. People who find ways to live in ways that feel alive, rather than grind and slog until they burnout. Once we have found ways to do this, we can then take what we love and help others. 


When we make time for experiences and goals that make us feel truly alive, we refuel our batteries 10x. When we feel alive, it shows. You've likely been around people like this--you can't help but feel drawn to them, their attitude is contagious or inspires you, and you want to find a way to live in a way that feels like THAT.


But if we don't know what those 'alive' experiences and priorities are for us deep down inside, we can't possibly make the intentional choice to make time to get after them. This month, use this time to do that. Don't waste another minute.


Part 2:

Take a minute (or 5) and think back--where have I been staying small in my comfort zone lately because it's easy, not because it's actually taking care of me?


A few questions to get you thinking....

Where have I been playing it safe because it's comfortable?

Are there habits you do even though you wish you didn't?

  • Are you eating the same meals or getting take-out most nights because it really takes care of you, or because it's really easy when you feel you have no time or feel stressed?

    • Maybe binging on Netflix instead of taking that time to do something that you actually care about?

Do you do the same things with the same people?

When's the last time you explored a new spot where you live, made a new friend, or tried a new activity?

What do you want to change and try, to create the life you want deep inside you?

Where would you like to grow and expand outside your comfort zone?

If answers easily come to mind, cool. If not....also cool, but this may be something to think about more.


Part 3:

Today, try 2 new things. Yup, just 2. Simple.


It could be as easy as taking a new route to work, trying a new cafe, taking a new fitness class at the gym, or making a new recipe for supper. It could be bigger--taking the plunge and signing up for a course you have been meaning to try, trying an activity you thought you would NEVER try (hint: do it with a friend). Or writing down some of the dreams and projects you have in the back of your mind. Or, if you don't have any dreams that come to mind, then taking the time to explore that and create a few. 

Making time to get outside our comfort zone now is essential on so many levels--

For many of us, our overall satisfaction with life goes up when we make time to explore/discover/play/try something outside our regular routines.

Trying a new activity with friends or on your own can be daunting at first, but often deeply rewarding when we get that little feeling of "huh, I can do this after all. and I like it ".

Making challenge/growth/exploring/discovery a priority once in awhile will enrich our everyday life. We grow in self-reliance, self-confidence, and reconnect with ourselves in a new situation. New = a fresh breath of life.

Exploration matters, along with the routines and comforts in our lives. Small choices today will make the bigger dreams and goals a little more tangible down the road.

No matter what you choose, big or small, make time for getting outside your comfort zone, and reconnecting with what makes you come alive today. 

Now go. Step up, step out, and coMe alive a little more. 

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
— Neale Donald Walsch

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