Day 3: Motto of Real Champions: 'Just Don't.'

Alright – who here is more excited about early mornings than you have been in a while?

*raises hand*

And, by chance, who here also already cut into their sleep by letting a late bedtime creep up on them?

*sheepishly raises hand again*

It happens.

Breaking old habits is hard. There's just something so seductive about an intimate late night cellphone session in bed or that afternoon cup of coffee. It's just so good in that moment – until early mornings find you and you hate the fact that you ever committed to this.

While these last few days have been about dreaming, setting intentions, planning, and getting our goals and systems together, the real magic in this is learning how NOT to do things.

Sure "Just Do It" is great for when we need motivation and need to pull through, but what about all the other stuff we shouldn't do? What happens once the momentum isn't riding high and the old routines start to creep back in?

The real motto of champions is "Just Don't".

You're here, doing this hard thing, so you clearly give a damn about yourself and your goals. So what do you do when all the things you shouldn't be doing start to creep back in? What things are you giving a damn about, but really shouldn't be?

If you're are going to be successful (and rested) throughout this, you have to be able to say no frequently – to others and yourself.

Ask yourself: what things in your life are good in the moment but actually killing you in the long run?

To give you a few ideas and a little inspiration, take a read. Mark Manson has a hack for stopping all the things you really shouldn't be caring about – and he calls it The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck. It's worth the read.

Gordon SwensonComment