Day 18: Fear as Fuel

Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear
— George Adair

Here's a thought to mull over as we roll through the last week of this Damn Early Days month:

Where is fear showing up in your life, especially as it relates to your DED plans and summit?

Are you having an struggles because of fear?

For some of us (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere) it could be the common fear of missing out as the warmer weather draws to a close, for others it could be deeper fears of failing at goals, rejection from others, of being not good enough, of repeating the same habits again ... The list of fears many of us have is long.

The thing is, we've learned most of our lives to avoid the things that make us afraid--they feel unsafe and uncomfortable. So avoidance has become our response, our defence in many cases.

Fear is a strong emotion. It's one that can heavily impact our decisions if we aren't careful. We may find we avoid so much because of fear. It can silently direct our lives unless we shift our approach to fear. The key is to sit with it, understand it, and find ways to use it.  

So let's take a few minutes and explore it. You in?

Make fear a tailwind instead of a headwind
— Jimmy Lovine

Grab a piece of paper or a journal and a pen and write out the first answers that come to mind with these questions. Don't overthink it, just get a few down:

  • Where are fears showing up in your life?

  • With work, relationships, friendships, your own goals?

  • Where is there fear in your DED goals?

  • Where else?

  • Write these down and play with them. What patterns are you seeing?

What if instead of avoiding them, we see our fears as opportunities, pointing us towards where we can grow the most, where we need to focus our time,  instead of a sign of what to protect ourselves from.

What if we learned to feel the fear, accept it is there to show us something valuable rather than threatening, and instead of avoid it we walk alongside it as we take a few steps forward the explore the thing that scares us. 

It's not easy, and baby steps may be required. Change takes time. But this shift in mindset could unlock opportunities and growth in powerful ways as we continue to create the lives we want each day.

So take a minute this AM, and ask yourself where fear has been creeping on the edges lately, or where it has been a solid wall in some areas of your life. See if fear can in fact help motivate you and teach you instead of hold you back.

Then, one final challenge--

Pick one fear, and one step (small or large) you can do this week to spend time with that fear and take a step. Where can you step out into fear and grow a bit more this week?

While you think on this, I got your morning jam for ya. A bit of a mellow vibe this AM...

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