Day 15: Reality Check

You Matter. 

This life you are building? Matters.

This morning matters. 

So stop playing it small.

Stop staying in your comfort zones.

Stop telling yourself this hour, this habit, this morning doesn't really matter.

It does.

Your challenge:

Grab that notebook or paper. Honestly, without judgment, make 2 lists:

1: Where are you playing it safe and small lately?

2. List ways you can choose not to. It's that simple


Make each choice today carefully, intentionally with the mindset that this matters. Each choice can help you grow. Don't stress about them, but see them as choices that have purpose. Start with your morning choices and go from there.

Then head into the weekend making every minute count. The time you have matters. 

The world needs more of us to stop playing it safe and start living more fully. 

It's scary, it's uncertain, but it's damn worth it. You came back here for another go at DED. You wanted more. So deep down, you know this matters. 


Now go, get after it. 

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