Day 1: Why You Are Here

If you're reading this on Day 1, January 7th, then congrats, you're doing well right out of the gate.

Welcome to Day 1. And to the next

Each morning, after checking in with the link we text you (it's the same link every day), you'll be directed to The Daily Dose (aka this) – a collection of some of the best down-to-earth and science-backed material on how to create space for what matters to you.

We will share with you favorite articles, videos, ideas, challenges and exercises that cover the many areas important to creating the life you want.

Intentionally, we'll give you ideas and challenges that won't take you long to read and play with. You will then have space and time each morning to do what matters to you. To work on the goals you made in your Focus/Summit/Actions, those goals that you saved in you DED account (If’ you didn’t do that yet, login here and fill them in. in your Account Settings )

Our promise – all the Daily Dose material will be powerful and/or actionable. No BS, no fluff.



With the Daily Dose idea and challenges we send you this month, you always have a choice--deep down ultimately only you know what you need. You can do some, none, or all of them and then choose again the next day. Or you can check-in, but read the Daily Dose later in the day if you’d rather be in your own flow in the AM. The choice is yours.

Whatever you choose to do with these mornings, we challenge you: go all in.  Go all in with every minute of time you carve out this month.

The more you put in to prioritizing and exploring you this month, the more you will get out of this. It has the potential to be a powerful start to this new year.

Go all in. Especially with the writing prompts and challenges: do them. Do the work.

It can be easy to read a question on your phone when you are half asleep, think about it for a minute, and then tell yourself "yup, I did the work, I know my answers".

But there is something very different that shifts in us when we put pen to paper and writing out what we really think about with a question or when we make a real list. Thinking about the answer isn't enough. Write, cross it out, erase, until you get it right. The writing challenges will only work, if you do. 

Let's try it now. Let's dive into Day 1.

READY? Make a cup of tea or coffee, get out paper or a simple notebook you can use this month and let' go:

Understanding Why You Are Here

You committed to this challenge because something inside you told you that you wanted more in 2019. More from life, more from each day, and more from yourself.

This morning, we're focused on exploring that "why".

Your first challenge?

Connect with why you are here. Lay it out in black and white. Be curious.


Ask yourself:

  • What pushed you to commit to this program?

  • What convinced you to go through with it?

  • Who are you trying to become?

  • What do you want to accomplish?

  • Why do you want to accomplish it?

  • What do you want to prove to yourself more than you want to continue living the same way you were?

All six of those are powerful questions that will get you more in tune with what's driving you.

Before you do anything else, spend a minimum of 5 minutes answering those questions. Write your answers down on a piece of paper. Review them. Play with them. And repeat until your answers feel right.

Don't have a clear answer to some questions?

That's ok--sometimes we know we want something but we aren't sure why. You have time to explore your why all month if that’s what you need. Wherever you are at, you are here, and you can make this month what you want.

Once you have some answers, grab a new piece of paper and write out very clearly why you are doing this, today. This answer might change but for now, why are you doing this? 

It can be as simple as:


Then write it out on two or three more pieces of paper. Do it until it's engrained in you.

Tape those papers to your bathroom mirror, your bedside table, your laptop, or hell, make it easy and take a picture and turn them into your cellphone background. Just make sure they are in places you will see every day, every morning.

No joke. Make sure you can see your why.

It might feel weird at first, but I want you to let go of any awkwardness you feel owning the fact that you want to become something. You wouldn’t have jumped into this program otherwise. Own it and most importantly, tap into it every single day of the program.


Why Look at Our Why?

It's easy to be excited right here, right now, on Day 1 when everything is fresh. It's the beginning of something new, you're taking on a new challenge, and have all the motivation you need.

But somewhere along the way a morning will come and you will stumble (trust us, it's inevitable). Life will get in the way, things will get tough, or you'll wake up "just not feeling like it". That snooze button can be convincing as hell.

The choices you make in that moment will define you.

They will either propel you to become the person you want to be or push you back to the person and the life you were trying to change.

In that moment, your ability to connect back to why this matters so damn much will be everything.

Start by getting deeply connected to it now and it will help make sure you don't lose it along the way.

It's your life source.


PS. Since it's Day 1, jump into the Damn Early Days FB community  or the new DED community we are building on Discord. Discord is a free app we use to share, help one another, and help make it easy connect without getting lost in Facebook. If you haven’t joined yet, hop over to the DED Discord community here.

Come over and say hi to us and the hundreds of other people around the world doing this. We're all in this together, and community is everything when it comes to a challenge like this.

If you're not sure what to say, just drop a note on why you are here. Check back often, to read what others are saying, or to share your struggles and insights together as we go along. Connecting with other people that are here for the same reasons can be powerful.


PPS. We love seeing how you spend your mornings. Throw a few clips of what you're doing up on IG Stories using the hashtag #DamnEarlyDays so that we can follow along!


PPPS. Let's kick this off with one of our faves. Headphones in, volume on 10, let's go!

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