For us, Damn Early Days is about more than getting up at 4:30, it’s about all of us getting after it – together.

While DED is an online program, time and time again we see people coming together to meet up, get to know each other better, and share their mornings.

We want to make your life easier with that.

Take a look at the calendar below to find an event happening around your area or drop us a now (below) if you want to create your own.

Don't see an event in your city?

Have an idea? Email with what you have in mind and we will help you get it off the ground!

Also, we know this will work better in cities where we have a higher number of people (Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, etc.), but if you’re in a city with less people, feel free to create something and invite your non-DED friends out. That’s actually how Chasing Sunrise started.